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Cosquín Hymn
The Cosquín Hymn, an ode to Cosquin, was written by Argentinean writer and poet Zulema Alcayaga. Its music was composed by Argentinean composer Waldo Belloso. Both husband and wife. The Cosquin Hymn is a beautiful ode to the Cosquin Festival which you can enjoy listening to at this page in its official Spanish version. The translation into English, presented at this page, was done by professional translator Francesco Gentinetta, a young talented musician, composer and interpreter who manages natively, since birth, both Spanish and English. Enjoy!

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Hymn to Cosquín

Lyrics: Zulema Alcayaga
Music: Waldo Belloso
Translation: Francesco Gentinetta

Today is the day of song
the harvest shall begin.
A harvest of ballads
that in nine nights are sowed.

Turn out the fire singing river,
that my heart is a bonfire.
Harvest the stanza singing river,
so it may grow naming love.
So it may grow naming love.

To the Huella, to the Huella,
Cosquín calls you,
To the path of the song that brothers us.
Four courses take us through this path
four courses cross it, four courses kiss it.

At the crossroads a star was born,
to light up the song of our paths.
To the Huella, to the Huella Cosquín calls you,
To the path of the song that brothers us.

This is everybody´s triumph
because it is a triumph of peace
because it is a triumph of peace.

Let us raise the chant,
which blossomed in freedom
which blossomed in freedom

Come from the South and the North
from Cuyo and from the Littoral
from Cuyo and from the Littoral.

Come to see the miracle
which in nine nights takes place,
which in nine nights takes place.

Listen, all across America
Cosquín starts to sing,
Cosquín starts to sing.

Cosquín has a bell in its name,
tempered with the songs of guitars
Cosquín, Cosquín, Cosquín, Cosquín,

Cosquín has a bell in its name
and a heart that beats when it calls us,
Cosquín, Cosquín, Cosquín, Cosquín.

Arise, that the bells are ringing
and the song of the earth is growing.
Now the bells fly searching for the sky
and they repeat the name that unites us
Cosquín, Cosquín, Cosquín, Cosquín,
Cosquín, Cosquín.

Come see the miracle
Cosquín starts to sing.

grinfeld - cosquin festival - hymn - photo daniel jaworski
Photograph by Daniel Jaworski

About the Authors

Zulema Alcayaga and Waldo Belloso, husband and wife.

Translated from

Zulema Alcayaga (Lyrics)
Born in General Pico (La Pampa), she is a writer and a poet. Author of folkloric works such as "Quiero ser tu sombra", "Himno a Cosquín", "El gato de la Fiesta" and "El gato de la Banderera", among others. Author of over 400 songs for children, most of which have traditional Argentine rythyms. Creator, along with Waldo Belloso, of the childrens' character "Margarito Tereré". Author of the television script for ten seasons of the show "Margarito Tereré", and author of over 15 musical comedies for children. Author of the script for the film "Margarito Tereré", qualified as Special Interest. Author of the theatrical and tv cycles for the characters "Frutillitas" and "Los Ositos Cariñosos." Winner of the Premio Nacional Argentores in 1986. Winner of the Estrella de Mar, Premio Bamba, El Niño y la Televisión, and the Cruz de Plata Esquiú prizes, among others. Author of the lyrics to "Canciones para Argentinitos".

Waldo Belloso (Music)
Born in Capilla del Señor, Province of Buenos Aires. He was a composer, pianist, arranger and orchestra director. He was a professor at the National School of Dance. He directed the orchestras of Radio Belgrano and Radio Splendid, directed the folkloric ensemble that was named after him, and directed the Symfonic Orchestra of Cordoba durning six seasons of the Cosquin Festival. As a solo pianist, he played concerts in most American countries, also in Spain and Italy. He co-wrote, along with Beatriz Durante, the book "Argentine Folcloric Dances." He created, along with Zulema Alcayaga, the character Margarito Tereré, of renowned trajectory in shows for children. He was author of the music and producer of over 15 theatrical shows for children. Author of over 500 works on Argentina, including "La Gavota de Buenos Aires", "Anocheciendo zambas", "Malambo en rojo", "El gato de la fiesta" and "Cuando llegue el alba", among others. Author of the music to "Canciones para Argentinitos".

Francesco Gentinetta (Translation)
Grinfeld - Cosquin - Artists - Francesco Gentinetta
Francesco Gentinetta was born in Cosquin, Argentina, in the year 1990. Fluent in Spanish and English from a very young age, he has lived mainly in California and Córdoba (Argentina). A self-taught musician, he wrote his first songs at the age of eleven. Currently he is working on his first solo album, in which he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, and acordeon, as well as vocals.

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