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63rd Cosquin Festival 2023 Online Live Coverage


In Cosquín the weekends are pure folklore! Each month, every Saturday night and every Sunday at noon, the FOGÓN CRIOLLO is held with an excellent artistic program, in the SALÓN CURA MONGUILLOT, Av. San Martín 561 in the city of Cosquín, in front of the Plaza Próspero Molina, with REGIONAL GASTRONOMY and LIVE MUSIC.

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Grinfeld Fogon Criollo

In Cosquín the weekends are pure folklore!

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Click play to hear the promotion about FOGON CRIOLLO which takes place every Saturday night and Sunday at noon in front of the National Folklore Square in the city of Cosquin.

About the Fogón Criollo:
The Fogón Criollo takes place in front of the National Folklore Square, Saturday nights and Sundays at noon. Every weekend of the year, it opens its doors with the best regional cuisine, live shows, and free classes of Argentine dances. There, you can live the joy of the time together in the National Capital of Folklore with free admission. In Cosquín, there is Folklore all year round. The Fogón Criollo is located in the Cura Monguillot Hall, Av. San Martin 561, in front of the National Folklore Square in the city of Cosquín.

The Official Site of Cosquín Festival:
We highly recommend you visit the official site of the Cosquín Festival: Official Site of Cosquín Festival

The Official Site of the Cosquín Tourist Office:
"Cosquín Turismo" (Cosquín Tourism): Official Site of the Cosquín Tourist Office

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