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Twain Harte, California, 1998-  Grinfeld Fine Arts and Publishing Company, exclusive USA representatives of Artist Georg Miciu-Nicolaevici, have amazed the art world by publishing high-quality, hand-signed lithographs at an excellent, affordable price.

The prints are printed on pH neutralized archival paper, which is used by top publishers around the world.  Artist Georg Miciu-Nicolaevici has personally overviewed the entire printing process, has approved the series, and hand-signed each print on the image.

The series, known as the Patagonia Series, is an edition which reflects the power of Georg's palette-knife technique as he conquers the most challenging scenery in Patagonia.

Prices for these prints, when compared to those of other publishers, become an astonishing achievement due to the high-quality offered.

Mario Anibal Gentinetta Grinfeld, President-Owner of Grinfeld Fine Arts, explains:  "We had a great challenge before us.  To reproduce the art of Georg.  He is known worldwide by his unequaled palette knife technique and his uncompromising commitment to the rescue of beauty and harmony in art.  An art that so far had been available only to a very exclusive group of art collectors, who could afford the high value of an original.  

We wanted to make those outstanding images available to the general public, without loosing the high quality for which Georg and Grinfeld Fine Arts are known.  

Patience, endurance and hard work were combined for an entire year.   The top services of two leading companies, Gamma One of New York and Munson Printing Company of Red Wing, Minnesota, were contracted.  The first for the photographic process of the originals and the former for the color separation, plate constructions and actual printing.  We could have not made a better choice.   Both companies are first level.  

Gamma One impressed us with their patented system for photographic reproduction which gave us astonishing details of Georg's palette. Munson Printing Company showed, without doubts, to be the number one printing company for Fine Art in the USA.  Its work was always far beyond the best standards in the industry.  Thomas Loquai, President of Munson Printing Company, impressed us by his character, which combined with years of experience, and the assistance of an outstanding staff, makes him a top leader in the industry.  A leader in whom anyone, pursuing excellence, can trust."

The Patagonia Series prints are available from Grinfeld Fine Arts and Publishing Company, P.O. Box 519, Twain Harte, California 95383, USA.
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Luna_Sobre_Nahuel3.JPG (49692 bytes)
Luna Sobre Nahuel
captured by the
palette-knife of


Viento_Patagonico3.JPG (54439 bytes)
Viento Patagonico
The dramatic scenery of Patagonia is reflected in all the prints.


Catango_del_Nino3.JPG (53311 bytes)
Catango del Niño
A world of colors and delightful settings.


El_Cerco3.JPG (66331 bytes)
El Cerco
The colors and tones achieved by Georg make the prints pleasant to the eyes and soul.


Lolog3.JPG (44871 bytes)
All the purity of untouched
Patagonia in each print.
  All the passion of the artist at his best.
  All the quality of the finest
industry standards.

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