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Terms and conditions which apply to the use of Grinfeld Fine Arts Auctions: Placing fine art works for auction on Grinfeld is absolutly free, without any limits regarding the quantity of works and auctions to be published. Each auction can be published for a period of 1 to 15 days. If there have not been any satisfactory offers, the same auction can be re-published up to 24 times. Grinfeld acts solely as advertiser and publisher of the auctions through its international web platform. The contact between sellers and buyers is direct and of their absolute responsibility regarding the terms of the transaction, shipping, payments, collections, etc. both of them releasing Grinfeld of all responsability. Sellers are not obligated to sell if after the auction is closed, they do not want to sell, even if there have been satisfactory offers. In case an item sells, at Grinfeld Auction, the commission to Grinfeld is 10% and is paid by the seller to Grinfeld. Read more...
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Grinfeld Fine Arts Auctions
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